Connecting People Who Care with Causes that Matter


Founded in 1999, the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan administers a charitable endowment consisting of over 220 separately identified funds primarily serving two Hudson Valley counties. However, donors from anywhere can elect to use the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan to establish a charitable fund or facilitate their charitable giving and grant making.

Each fund was established by one or more generous donors who wished to make a difference, on a local scale, in their communities. We make it possible for good people to accomplish good works in the Hudson Valley and beyond.

Some of these charitable assets are unrestricted, used to meet emerging and changing needs; some support named charities; others provide scholarships or college loans. Some are permanent funds; some distribute principal.

The staff of the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan is your resource for all things charitable. For further information about us and how we can help you realize your charitable ambitions, contact us directly.

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